Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oral test


sory sebab da lame tak update blog.....
hajat ana nak cite pasal oral testkat skolah.
mule2 takut sikit,tapi tepakse..citenya bergini.Tajuknya,


A new spider is spinning a web on a tree. When the web is ready, she waits for her prey. A little dragonfly is resting on a nearby leaf. He is not looking for bugs. He just watching the spiders.
The little dragonfly thinks “ it looks as if spiders is taking rest now”
Soon a housefly bumps into the web. The spider hurries over and swallows it up.
The little dragonfly says to the spiders, “my dear spider, you are so luck.” You only spin a web and you are sure of getting food for the rest of your life.
The spider smile and says, “Little dragonfly, I also have to work hard everyday to get food”.
Would you please tell me how to spin a web?
The little dragonfly asks. The spider answers “You can come here tonight to see how I work.” The little dragonfly agrees to do so.
Night fall, the spider eat up her web. One thread after another.
She leave only some thicker one that frame the web. Then, she starts to spit new silk.
The spider stand on the thicker thread and spin a new web with the new silk.
She work hard until daybreak, before the new web is ready. The little dragonfly asks, “My dear spider, why did you destroy the old web and spin a new one?”
The old one is not sticky enough to catch the bug, says the spider.
You mean you have to spin a new web everyday?
Of course. The spider says, “I am not as lazy as you think”
At last, the little dragonfly understand. He says, “Those who are lazy will starve “am I right??”
The spider smiles and says, “Ofcourse,NO PAIN, NO GAIN”